3G iPhone? Voice of Temptation meet Voice of Reason

I’ve had my cellphone, a Motorola v360, for two years now. It’s been a great phone with clear sound, great range and it’s durable enough that no matter how many times it falls out of my pocket or gets knocked off the table it still works like a charm.

But it’s scratched. It’s not new and fresh and shiny. It doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles that a Blackberry or an iPhone has. After yesterday’s launch of the new 3G iPhone and all the online talk about the Apple Apps Store my phone has lost yet more of it’s charm and it’s tempting to consider buying a new phone.

My cell phone is my only telephone. I canceled my land line phone about a year ago and haven’t missed it. So the little voice in my head starts…

Little voice: Merlene… you’ve saved SO much money by canceling your land line. You can afford to get a new shiny cell phone.

Merlene: No. I don’t need a new phone.

Little voice: Oh but you’ve been doing without so many things lately, you really deserve to reward yourself. Get a new phone.

Merlene: NO. I don’t need a new phone.

Little voice: But all of the cool kids are buying new phones!

Merlene: I guess I’m just not cool then, huh?

Little voice: Just think! You could twitter, web surf, email, do everything with a new phone!

Merlene: How often am I away from a computer long enough for that to matter to me?

Little voice: the 3G has GPS!

Merlene: I always know where I am. Now if only it could tell me where IT was when I misplaced it we’d have something.

Little voice: It has all kinds of new apps and features!

Merlene: There are a bunch of apps and features on my phone now. I use the Make a Call feature, the Answer a Call feature, and the Alarm feature. That’s it.

Little voice: But everyone wants one!

Merlene: I guess I don’t have to worry about anyone stealing my old banged up v360.

Little voice: But it’s cool! It’s new! It’s shiny!

Merlene: You’ve tried that shiny bit before. I didn’t bite.

Little voice: But…

Merlene: I’ve got to let you go now, I’ve got another call coming in… Oh look! It’s the voice of reason… just in the nick of time!

uh oh…

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  1. Lionel L. says

    My only question is, Why does the Voice of Reason always have to be such a buzz kill? The other little voice is ALWAYS more fun! ;)

  2. says

    The VOR is definitely one I rely on when making important decisions. It’s usually right. The VOR has kept us from getting new cars every 2 years. As a matter of fact the two cars we have are from 1994! Even with 260,000+ miles on one and 179,000 miles on the other they still run great. They get us from point A to point B, so why do we need something new?

    I’m still using a PowerBook G4. It’s a workhouse and does everything I need. When it dies or can no long provide me with what I need for my livelihood then I’ll consider upgrading. But for now I am a happy camper.

    Having said that, I did get an iPhone last night. My previous phone (Rokr) had died on me 2 months ago and I was using an old phone my mom had laying around. Could I have stuck with it? Sure, it made/received calls, allowed me to text and even had a camera phone/recorder. So why did I upgrade?

    1. It was a gift from my hubby for our anniversary
    2. Sometimes it’s just time to upgrade.

    I know Apple will come out with newer, sexier versions, but I’ll probably keep this one for another 2+ years. I’m just that way. I stick with things. Heck, I’ve been with my husband for close to 20 years. It’s a good thing I don’t upgrade often, eh?

  3. john piercy says


    Does anyone really need an Iphone?
    Do we really need to be that connected at all times .
    Apple Marketing says we need one. Online ad’s on TV bash us over our heads continually saying we need this .
    But we dont .
    Thats why the stores put the candy in the front rows.
    Temptation Factor .
    Very costly 3yr deal , approx 100.00 per month
    I didnt bite the Apple this time .

  4. Maureen says

    My cell is 4 years old, scratched, dinged, and works fine. I do not text, don’t do anything online with it, using it only for long distance calling and emergencies. Your VOR knows what is best for you, not the media.


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