I always feel awkward writing “about” pages and mini-bios. I ponder… should I write it in first person or third person? Should I make it sound formal and businesslike or more informal and in my own “voice”? Should I include education, career background, etc? Or maybe hobbies? See what I mean? Awkward.

I wanted to write a blog about living a frugal lifestyle but I wanted it to reflect my own experiences. As I’m about to begin an entirely new life – moving from house of approximately 2100 square feet of living space (plus garage, 2 patios, garden shed, back yard) to an apartment that’s not quite 800 square feet I’m hoping to create a new, fabulous lifestyle while staying out of debt.

I’m no Frugal Zealot.

I’m not going to tell you how to take a roll of two-ply toilet paper and carefully separate it to make 2 full rolls of single ply. It’s been done and frankly, I consider my time (and my tushie) more valuable than that. I’m hoping, as I go along my journey, to bring some new ideas to the frugal living table.

Why the frugal living changes?

After 19 years of marriage, and being a stay-home mother to two kids, I’m ready to make some changes in my life. I’m tired of carrying debt. I’m tired of worrying about bills. I’m tired of living a big life. So I’ve ended my marriage and am selling the house – a hard choice. I really love my house, my neighbours, etc. – paying off all of the debts and moving into a 2 bedroom apartment which will neatly cut my living expenses in half.

More changes.

I’ve decided to focus my time and energy on building an income online. I’m planning to earn a living blogging, writing articles, designing web sites, and a few other ideas along the way. More on that as I go along. Currently my income is 100% based on my alimony and child support for my teen son. It’s not a lot but with frugal living and the choice to move to an apartment I can make ends meet while I build up my income through online sources over the next year or two.

Over the next month I’ll be getting ready to move. I won’t have even half the space at the apartment that I have now so I have to ruthlessly cull some of my belongings. I’m sure it will be bittersweet but I know life will be fabulous in the end.

~ Merlene Paynter June 30, 2008

If you’re looking for an update on how that year went check here :)