Welcome to Festival of Frugality #307

The "Why Does Everything Always Break at Once?"Edition. First thing - an apology. This Festival of Frugality post should have been up yesterday morning, but as always seems to be the way, things went wrong at the worst possible moment. (Although my boychild reminds me, there's … [Read more...]

Frugal Food: How Long Will Food Keep in the Freezer?

This is post #3 in the Frugal Food: Freezer series. Be sure to check out post #1 "Frugal Food: Foods You Can’t Freeze" and post #2 "Frugal Foods: How to Package Food for the Freezer". While storing food longer than the times listed in the guide below won't affect food safety … [Read more...]

Frugal Holiday: Chocolate Carrot Cake

Today is day two of Frugal Upstate's Thanksgiving Mini Series and today's topic is desserts. This simple cake is the most requested recipe I've ever made. Family and friends rave about it and it's not only simple to make but frugal as well. Even people who don't like carrot cake … [Read more...]

Frugal Kids – Host a Used Skate Exchange

Ice skating on Boston's Frog Pond Originally uploaded by Paul Keleher Growing up in rural Nova Scotia, Canada I learned to skate almost as early as I learned to walk. Skating was a daily activity on local ponds, lakes and the arena in town. Each year the parents at our school … [Read more...]