Welcome to Festival of Frugality #307

The “Why Does Everything Always Break at Once?”Edition.

First thing – an apology. This Festival of Frugality post should have been up yesterday morning, but as always seems to be the way, things went wrong at the worst possible moment. (Although my boychild reminds me, there’s never a good moment for things to break or go wrong.)

My computer decided that Monday evening was a great time to come down with the flu. Or in this case, a nasty virus that had my computer locked up tight for a while. Several hours, and a brand new install of Windows later all seemed to be fine. Back on track I could get the post completed and up by end of day yesterday. Or so I thought. Again, Murphy’s Law laughed at my puny attempts and decided that it was a great time to knock out the cable for nearly 24 hours so that I had no internet. Ok, so I don’t know that it was Murphy – it might have been the construction guys that happen to be replacing the elevators in my building and fixing the roof after the heavy rain this week. And maybe one of those guys is named Murphy. Either way… here we are with a late, but packed-to-the-brim with great stuff, Festival of Frugality #307.





Home Sweet Home

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Thanks again to Ryan at Festival of Frugality for giving me the honour of hosting this week!
~ Merlene
photo “Broken Computer” by Tara Hunt used under Creative Commons license.

A Slice or a Whole Pie – How We Perceive Value

Pie in Face
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Every once in a while I stop and think about my perception of value and it always amazes me. For example, I’ll be at the grocery store shopping with one of the kids and they’ll ask for a dessert. Pie is one of the favourites in my household so usually the kids want to buy a pumpkin or apple pie to bring home for dessert. I’ll look at the price tag of 4.99 or 5.99 and I’ll hesitate to buy it. It’s pricey I say to myself. We don’t need it I’ll say to myself. Some days I’ll buy the pie anyway. More often than not I’ll tell the kids that the pie really isn’t a necessary part of the budget and I’ll move on.

Another day I might be at a restaurant for dinner and who can resist the gorgeous pictures of desserts on the dessert menu? Oh! Pecan pie! I haven’t had that in ages. I’ll order a piece of pie for dessert. For 5.99. I’ll eat it, enjoy it, and not think twice about the price.

But when I think about it later (and there’s no pie in sight!) I’ll realize that while I hesitated over an entire pie for 5.99, which I perceived as poor value for my money, I readily ordered an 8th of a pie in a restaurant for 5.99 without thinking twice. Was the pie from the grocery store inferior to the pie served in the restaurant? No. In fact, likely were made at the same bakery. So why was the store bought pie inferior? Was the service of having someone deliver the pie to my table worth a markup of 8 times the price over buying it in the store? No. I really can’t figure it out. Logic fails me here.

How do your perceptions affect your choices?