Frugal Fun: Card Games For Those Rainy Days

When I was a kid I spent countless rainy afternoons and snowy evenings playing cards with my Grandfather. We’d play Go Fish and Crazy 8s usually. Over time we changed the rules so much for Crazy 8s that we called it Double Crazy 8s and had special rules for nearly every card in the deck!

I’d talk about how my day went, the crush I had on the boy who sat near me in school, and he’d tall me tall tales of adventure while we played. Some of my best memories are of Grampie Normie and I and out our hours of card playing.

Playing Cards

Playing Cards

It seems these days with the technology and the media we often feel that such simple games aren’t nearly as valuable as the newest, loudest video game or trendy activity. But there’s something so homey and comforting about a deck of cards, the edges soft and frayed with use that just can’t be replaced with a game controller. Especially on those rainy summer days when everyone’s bored and needs a change of pace.

Here’s a list of card game instructions from around the web. Most households already have a deck or two of cards and they can always be found for a dollar or two at the local dollar store. Frugal Fun for the whole family.

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