Why I will buy 24c over Vitamin Water from now on

The folks over at Jones Soda recently gave us the opportunity to try several of their 24c Multi-Vitamin Water from Jones Soda flavours along with similar flavours of the popular Vitamin Water beverage to see which we preferred.

Neither of my two teenagers nor I had every tried either the 24c beverages or the Vitamin Water before so we were excited at the opportunity to try them. The first thing that we noticed was that both the 24c and the Vitamin Water had very bland plain looking labels. Nothing exactly eye-catching here. We were all a bit disappointed about the look of the product labels – being a Jones Soda beverage, we expected 24c to have unique and funky labels like their sodas have.

We decided that the kids would try the beverages in a “blind taste test” format where they didn’t know which cup held the 24c and which held the Vitamin Water. My 19 year old daughter, having watched many episodes of Wine Library TV over the year, suggested we do a “sniffy sniff” and discuss the colour before tasting. In all five flavours it was agreed that 24c had a more appealing colour and scent and an overall better “presentation” than Vitamin Water.

Next came the taste test. We had five flavours to compare which we did over 5 days. Overall we all preferred the taste of the 24c over the taste of the Vitamin Water. The 24c just seemed to have more overall flavour than the Vitamin Water. My daughter wasn’t a fan of either of the 24c Cranberry Apple or the Vitamin Water Defense but she loved the 24c Tropical Citrus and 24c Berry Pomegranate. My son and I both liked the 24c Tropical Citrus and 24c Mandarin Orange best.

The flavours compared were:

  • 24C Tropical Citrus VS Vitamin Water Energy
  • 24C Peach Mango VS Vitamin Water Endurance
  • 24C Cranberry Apple VS Vitamin Water Defense
  • 24C Berry Pomegranate VS Vitamin Water XXX
  • 24C Mandarin Orange VS Vitamin Water Cranberry Grapefruit

Was the flavour alone enough to make me choose 24c over Vitamin Water? I just don’t know.  Yes, we did prefer the 24c flavours when tasted side by side but it wasn’t a huge difference. What about the vitamin and health factor? How does 24c stack up against Vitamin Water? Turns out that 24c hits it out the park on this point.

How much Vitamin Water does it take to equal one bottle of Jones 24c?

It would take 10 bottles of Vitamin Water to equal one bottle of 24c.  Jones 24c also contains Vitamin A, E, B2, and Folic Acid which cannot be found in Vitamin Water.

And if that wasn’t enough reason to reach for 24c? Jones Soda  has teamed up with Vitamin Angels with a goal to help 1,000,000 children from going blind this year. Vitamin Angels is a non-profit organization that provides vital nutrition in the form of supplements to developing countries, communities and individuals in need.

When I buy beverages for my kids (and myself!) from now on I’ll be looking for 24c Multi-Vitamin Water from Jones Soda More vitamins. More value. Vitamin Angels. Makes cents to me ;)