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500 dollar Wal-mart Gift Card Giveaway

One of the best parts about being one of Wal-Mart’s ElevenMoms is the opportunity to give great prizes away to my readers and subscribers.

Nickelodeon has teamed up with the Elevenmoms and Wal-Mart to offer you a chance to win a $500 Wal-Mart gift card just in time for the holidays. I’m sure you can think of lots of ways to use that card and entering is simple. Just follow the steps below for your chance to win and then head on over to the ElevenMoms website for more chances to win.

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  1. says

    One money saving tip. Cut down on the number of people you buy for. Get family members and friends to agree to set amounts and random 'name out of a hat' is whom you buy for in that grou.

  2. says

    Money saving tip: Homemade gifts. I can actually do a craft project that involves bits from the dollar store, say its from my kids, and viola…a really cheap gift with a super-high love factor.

    That and shop at Walmart. It's like the dollar store but it doesn't all fall apart right when you get it home.

  3. says

    Tip: Store cards are never a good idea. While some might advertise no-interest, no-payments, its' generally a poor idea to use them. The penalties for forgetting to make that initial payment by even a day result in upwards of 32.99% interest being applied retroactively plus massive fees. These guys love reporting instantly to your credit record too, but only in a negative way.

    Comes back to the idea of not spending money that you don't have. Just don't do it, and you'll save a ton for the Holidays.

  4. sherryayn says

    Try replacing your home land line with Skype! Skype to other landlines are really inexpensive for unlimited calls – mine is $2.95 a month!

  5. ShelleyRae says

    @shelleysplace Cook multiples in the oven and freeze the extras. As long as it's on make that resource count!

  6. CPietryla says

    I've been shopping for Christmas since early Nov and taking advantage of the Thanksgiving sales as well as special coupons to save money on gifts. Also, buying early online makes it easier to cut back on shipping and allows some time to find discounts.

  7. KimberlySpear says

    Stop buying “stuff” for others that they don't want or need. Don't let the guilt factor rule your shopping.

  8. says

    We have many trees in our yard and this time of the year we burn fires to heat the house in the evening.

    I do most of my Christmas shopping on-line now to save time and money and if I'm lucky enough to win I'll be heading to

  9. says

    @dixbert sez he's not going to post his email address on your blog, but I DID sign up for your newsletter. :) I save money over the holidays by making gifts AND by making small donations to worthy causes in the name of the person who already has EVERYTHING anyway. :)

  10. says

    Money-saving tip for Wii:
    Purchase Wii Console at Best Buy for low price of $249.. Sign up for credit account and get $25 off purchase immediately, making the Wii (which sells for around $400 elsewhere) $225. WEEEEE! (Of course, I immediately cut up the credit card when it arrives!)

  11. says

    Garage Sales! Not only have I found terrific holiday decorations, everything from ornaments to a 12' pre-llt tree. I have also found a brand new black cocktail dress, necklace & earring sets just ($15.00) which were closeout deals from Sarah Coventry … When shopping in a store, I always go to the sale racks first. It is amazing what great things you can find for next to nothing.

  12. Todd Bennett says

    At the grocery store, always check the price per (ounce, unit, etc)– it's usually in the small print on the shelf, next to the item's price. Sometimes the brand name works out to be cheaper. Many times, the larger bulk package and the smallest package of an item cost much more per unit than the mid-sized package.

  13. noraburns says

    Freeze Credit Cards —- literally — in a block of ice.

    In order to go shopping you need to wait for credit card to thaw — and for the record DO NOT put it in the microwave to speed things up! ;)

  14. says

    My money saving tip when buying gifts: Use – a lot of folks got in on great deals on Black Friday & Cyber Monday and now selling items on Craigslist. Some just flip it for a margin and some bought stuff they just don't need. Either way, this is a great time to find great deals on brand new unopened stuff in Craigslist.

    My twitter id: KIntheHouse

  15. says

    This year I had a conversation with our kids about expectations. Also, instead of just letting them give us a Christmas list I told them they had to mark the top THREE. No more over the top gifting of things they can't find in a few days anyway!

    I'm following you with a twitter name of @sundi_moz.

  16. Colleen Salmon says

    Buy Holiday/Festive Plates at the dollar store as a leave behind for parties. It looks fabulous but won't cost much more than a paper plate! Also, you don't lose your good plates/containers.
    Twitter – cesalmon
    Email –

  17. noraburns says

    Set low low low gift giving limits with your partner — i.e. $10-$20 max — requires more creativity to give a truly fabulous, memorable gift!

  18. says

    Holiday Saving Tip: Shop before you shop (online, mail circulars, newspapers), get coupons, figure amount of money needed, take only that amount of cash and put nothing on your credit card. Leave your cards at home. No holiday bills hangover and free and easy Holiday and January! :)


  19. noraburns says

    RE-Gift! :) There are parameters — be sure to keep track of who gave you the item and for what occasion so you don't accidently re-gift it to the person who gifted it to you or someone who was with you when you received it!

  20. says

    Have a budget. Make a list of who you're buying for and what you are buying. Reduce “browsing.” Save receipts and write down totals when you get home. It's helpful to see how those “Little things” add up and blow up your budget..

    I follow you already @megin

  21. medmarket says

    Tip for saving money: Keep a running tally of every dollar and penny you spend during the holidays. The more aware you are of your spending, the more likely you'll think twice about how much you spend!

  22. @karencornwell says

    Tip: Wrapping paper and bows are expensive and wasteful. Don't wrap gifts from Santa, just place them under the tree late Chirstmas eve, then when the kids wake up, they will be excited to see all the gifts that Santa left under the tree. No mess, no waste, no expense. Make an obvious section for each child to avoid confusion.

  23. @eileen53 (AprilleE) says

    I go for the homemade gift for at least a portion of the gifts I buy. I try to come up with ways to use what I have in abundance – and the past few years that's herbs – but also I try craft projects from recycled things we all have too much of (follow @Craft for ideas)

  24. gbranger says

    This is a multi-step plan. If you are in a Speedway / Super America region. Leverage Speedy Rewards points for Tunes or Applebee's gift cards. You can rack up your points by recharging a Speedway Cash Card first (every $50 gets you a 1000 points).

    Twitter handle – @gbranger
    Newsletter email address is included in the information provided as part of the comment

  25. @gpelz says

    Make your own gifts! I love crocheting and most of the people on my list will be getting stocking caps or scarves!

  26. Chris says

    Shop online – search for lowest prices, search for retailer coupon codes (on sites like retailmenot, couponmom, couponcabin, etc), and make sure monitor the site for free shipping times. You also save on gas and stress of holiday parking, crowds, etc!!
    email:; twn = havrilla

  27. Megan S. says

    meganlynn at gmail dot com

    twitter: bubbalish

    My tip: Buy wrapping supplies at great discounts after the holidays to use the next year. I bought all of my wrapping for this year at 90% off last year. I spent maybe $10 and I have more than enough to get me through this year with plenty to spare.

  28. Fave says

    take an empty 1/2 gal ice cream container and fill it halfway with water. Freeze the water. Now place your credit cards on top of the ice and fill the rest of container with water. Freeze the rest so the cards sit in the middle of the block of ice.

    Now, when it's time to go shopping, you have made it inconvenient and time consuming to access those cards. This equates to more time to THINK about your buying decisions and refrain from impulse shopping/overshopping. Overall, it's a good practice in that it keeps you from spending money (you don't have) in haste and waste.


  29. Lisa Meece says

    Favorite money-saving tip for the holidays…Buy items like candles and picture frames at super-clearance throughout the year. They make great presents…and nobody needs to know you got them for fifty cents.

    OK – probably a lame tip…just one more reason for me to subscribe to this newsletter.

    twitter name lisameece108
    email – lisameece at hotmail dot com

  30. Erin says


    Instead of buying those crazy-expensive christmas decorations, we build them! We get appliance boxes from, and create our own snowmen, reindeer, and santa claus. It's a super-cheap craft, and the little ones can even partake in the fun!

  31. Loretta Kingston says

    Use coupons for groceries whenever you can. It's amazing how much I've saved doing this.

  32. says

    I just registered to twitter just for you! my user name is jennijean. my email is My tip is to not feel obligated to buy presents for those you don't want to buy for. Christmas giving should be about being generous and being a cheerful giver. So let's shorten our list of people we need to give to and try to give more meaningful gifts, which to me, means home-made.

  33. says

    1. money saving holiday tip:
    Save on gas and avoid headaches by shopping online and at very local businesses. Better yet, make your own gifts from materials on hand. A thoughtful, personalized gift is better than a ubiquitous gift-certificate.

    2. twitter user name:

    3. the email you used to sign up for the monthly newsletter:

  34. drewschiller says

    Shop online using Google shopping to compare prices and find the lowest available price. Don't forget to factor in shipping costs! Or give the gift of magazine subscriptions. They are usually inexpensive, and people will appreciate them all year long.

  35. Jane says

    I always go out the day AFTER Christmas and scoop up reduced wrapping paper, decorations, etc. for the next year!

  36. says

    I've been making a lot of my gifts this year from things I already had. For example, I'm sewing some really fun bags for my friends and had most of the fabrics I'm using already, so I'm not buying anything new for the bags, but people get a lovely, useful, and thoughtful present.

  37. says

    Money saving tip? DON'T SHOP AT WALMART. Sorry folks, but as a Patriotic American, I will not shop there, and I recommend you don't either. Walmart is responsible for the loss of hundreds of thousands of American manufacturing jobs and the devastation of local economies. Then we have Walmart's unethical businesses practices including (but not limited to) discrimination against women, child labor violations, use of sweat shop suppliers, lack of domestic purchasing (80% of Walmart's products are manufactured in China), environmental impact, and contribution to the rise in poverty. Shopping at Walmart will cost you and your community more than anything you could save at the register.

  38. says

    I look around Thrift shops and make sure I'm current on all the freecycle items coming through my email. I've spent $14.00 for all my son's Christmas gifts and he's getting 5 presents. All of them are new or like new, you just have to look around.

  39. Regina says

    My tip: I'm repurposing all my small Starbucks bags as Xmas gift bags by stamping, drawing, using perhaps glitter, and/or gluing tissue or other fun things onto them to make them Xmas-y


  40. says

    1) Holiday Money Saving Tip: A group of friends are trying It's is a gift-alternative site that allows users to swap their DVD's, books, games, and only pay the shipping fee. Cool Stuff!

    Question: Did you want the twitter name and email posted in the comment box?

  41. Dana says

    wrap kids gifts in funny pages from paper & reuse bows.

    stop sending holiday cards to people who have not sent you cards in last 2 years. It will save you money in cards & stamps. That will also give you time to write personal notes to those people who are more than acquaintances.

  42. says

    Get smaller/less expensive gifts, but put time and care into wrapping and addressing them. The little touches make all the difference.

    Twitter: Maya_Shaff

  43. Amanda says

    I work in the media world, so by nature, I am very frugal.

    Learn your grocery store layout. The stores are set by highly paid college educated planners in order to encourage you to spend as much $$$ as possible. Shop high and low on the shelves for the best deals – the most expensive items are ALWAYS at eye level, and in the case of products aimed at children, the product will be set at their eye level.


  44. says

    @maureenfrancis My child has never been given the expectation that there will be tons of packages under the tree. Christmas is about spending time together with the ones we love. We will play games, watch movies, eat and enjoy each other's company. There will be a few gifts, but not many. We give far more to the needy families we buy gifts for every year at this time. Our personal needs are few.

  45. says

    Take family photos and have them developed or enlarged at … WalMart! Get some inexpensive frames at … WalMart! The photos are more personal than studio portraits, a LOT cheaper, and are great gifts for parents, grandparents, and other family/friends.
    Also think about duplicating photos you took during the year and put them in a scrapbook for someone special. Too often our personal photos are not shared with those that would appreciate them. Perfect gift for family members that live afar.

  46. says

    Instead of spending money on gift tags I make my own. I always have a good supply of index cards around, on the blank side I stamp the person's name and my name. The other side I use left over scrapbooking paper (I save all my odd and end when I scrapbook) and decorate.

  47. Pete says

    Make your own wrapping paper:
    1 buy a pack of tissue paper (roughly 2' x 2.5'),
    2 put food coloring in some coffee cups (maybe dilute with a little water),
    3 fold the tissue into small squares, triangles etc.
    4 dip the corners of the paper into the food coloring
    5 unfold and dry, then iron
    Absolutely the most beautiful wrapping paper you'll ever use.

  48. keri thien says

    assign everyone in the family one person to give a nice gift to, instead of spending lots of money and time trying to find and buy tons of cheaper gifts for everyone. that's what my family's doing this year.

  49. says

    Money Saving Tip for the Holidays:

    One of my most treasured gifts I received many years ago was when my name was picked at a Secret Santa and the person who picked my name (my boss) wasn't someone I was close to at work. He was kind enough and creative enough to find out what music I enjoyed or concerts I had been to and he downloaded about 10 songs and burned it onto a CD. He also made a very nice CD cover with the three artists on the cover and a special playlist on the back. It was inexpensive, somewhat time consuming, and very thoughtful.

    Debra Oliver

  50. says

    Money-saving tips:
    *Don't buy any new gift wrap or ribbon. Reuse old stuff or make your own, using brown paper bags, newsprint, comics, or (possibly sewn together) magazine pages.
    *Colorful masking, duct and electrical tape fills in as great graphic “bows” — just wrap the tape around the package like a ribbon, and/or make a bow criss-cross design on the top.

    Twitter: gspadoni

  51. says

    I use my talent to offer gifts to offset what I purchase. Since I'm a graphic designer, I usually offer folks in our family or tight circle of friends to design something for them. For instance, I have a family member this year that has relocated and wants to start up her fitness business in her new location. I'm giving her a business card and rackcard design for free (something she can use) and then she pays for the printing (which I can get her at a discount).

    We have a great friend who's a handyman. And one year, he offered to fix one small thing that was bugging us in our house…all we had to do was cover the hard costs.

    I have a niece who's a book editor, and one of our family members writes articles, so our niece offered to proof read/edit his next four articles.

    My nephew is an awesome cook, so he offered to fix the family a main course one night.

    Another niece is a budding photographer and gifted a “family photo”.

    My brother likes to make his own beer…usually gifts a little of that.

    And so on…you get the idea. So, whenever you can use your talents to gift, it's a great way to save a little money, but really give something worthwhile to those you really care about.

  52. Lorra says

    If you live near a college you might be able to find a Christmas tree and other holiday decorations that are discarded after the students finish their exams and go home around mid-December. If that fails, you may be able to negotiate a discounted price on a tree and holiday greenery if you wait until just before Christmas to shop for them.

    I signed up to follow you at twitter, where my name is lorra. I couldn't find the link to subscribe to your newsletter, but I signed up for your blog posts come to my yahoo account (readingcoach AT yahoo DOT com).

  53. wendy93639 says

    tip: Every year in November I had my kids go through all their toys and pick out only the ones they really liked to keep. The rest we donated. I explained to them that there are other kids that don't get to have toys and need some. If I had gone through them, I would have kept the one's my kids decided to give away. We never gave away broken toys or obviously old ones, and I was always amazed at my children's generosity . May not be a money saving tip, but it saved me time picking up all those toys and taught a valuable lesson about life.

  54. says

    Homemade food stuffs are always a great gift, and can be done inexpensively. Cookies, fresh baked bread, flavored oils or vinegars, homemade spice mixes, etc etc etc.

    If you're feeling frisky, add a bottle of inexpensive, yet yummy, wine. (You'd be amazed at what you can find for $5…)

    I'm a big fan of homemade gifts in general. I'd rather receive something that someone made than something store bought, as more thought usually goes in to it! :)


  55. says

    I just found out that the Twilight series is sold at Sam's Club and Walmart! I will save a ton over Borders when I buy it!

    My Twitter id: WALK_Magazine
    bookeditor42 at

  56. DinkerP2 says

    Give the gift of time instead of a “thing”. This year my friends and I decided we'd much rather spend a fun afternoon hanging out rather than suffer the malls and trying to find that “perfect” gift for one another. Sharing the day together was way better than getting something you really don't need or have the space for. Instead we spent the day visiting, eating snacks we brought, and playing games. A BUNCH of fun!
    Another money saving tip is to have a “White Elephant” gift exchange. The best way to regift those things you weren't able to find a proper spot for in your home or recycle those items you've loved but no longer need. Nothing broken, just things you don't want. Not allowed to go to the store and BUY something for the “White Elephant” gift exchange. It has to come from within your home. :-)

  57. 1kcsmiles says

    I look in catalogs and newspaper adds for great gift ideas and then google them to find the best price and who has the best shipping deal. If I can't find anything better I go to the store and pick it up! I've paid half on several items already this week!

  58. tom_obay says

    Wait until the last possible minute to buy stocking stuffers. The stores just want the product off of their shelves and offer deep discounts.

  59. says

    ggreat way to save moolah during the holidays–host potlucks and request guests bring their dish to share and one freezer-ready serving of the same in a leave-behind freezer container. You get oodles of meals for the upcoming week AND a storage container. @dyanavalentine

  60. says

    1. Following you on twitter as PenelopePince

    2. Subscribed to your email feed using same email address as used for comment

    3. Holiday money saving tip: Devil's advocate to what many say about not using credit cards: Use a cash back or rewards credit card like Amazon's to get cash back on your holiday purchases. The principles are same as spending cash – don't spend more money than you have and pay in full next month, but you'll get cash back for the same amount of money spent.

  61. Michelle says

    Make a list of who you're buying for and how much you're spending. Allocate that amount of money into envelopes with the recipient's name on the outside. When you leave to go shopping, take the envelopes and leave your credit/debit cards at home, this way you won't be tempted to go over your budget.

    Also check to see if the stores you're shopping at have a “price-match” guarantee and bring your ads with you (I carry mine in a “green” reusable grocery bag). If I see something that's on my list, I double-check the ads to see if it's cheaper somewhere else. If so, and the store has the price-match policy, I can buy it there and save some time and gas.

  62. says

    Find smaller less expensive items and put them together to create theme boxes. A candle, bubble bath, loofah and bar of nice soap becomes a luxurious bath set (The box can be labeled “Just Add Water”) A mug, hot cocoa, small marshmallows and a candy cane becomes a cold weather remedy set (the box can be labeled “Just add cold weather and hot milk')
    Often inexpensive elements can be purchased at a dollar store or on sale. They become more valuable by how you put them together and label them.
    My twitter id …Indigo608

  63. carogonza says

    I start Christmas shopping on December 26th for the next year. Get great deals and items for a discounted price and save them for the next year.

  64. Patrick says

    Rather than buy gifts for co-workers, friends, and adult relatives (we agree only to buy gifts for kids under a certain age), bake. It can be banana bread, Christmas cookies, pies, you special biscotti recipe, or whatever. We usually can knockout all our baking in a single Saturday. Package cookies in reusable holiday tins from the dollar store or craft store, and ask people to return the tins for a refill next season. If no tins, colorful cellophane wrap will dress up a box or disposable container. Peace.

    twitter: @ppikus

  65. cheran salvaggio says

    I follow you on twitter, cheran1
    I subscribe
    and my money saving tip is do a clothes exchange. we love it and so do the kids. They don't get the hand me downs from their siblings this way. we have lots of kids in the neighborhood and area that participate.

  66. says

    Money saving tip: May seem corny, but ask yourself “do they really need this?” before every purchase. It's so easy to get in the spirit and overspend — especially on the kids. Also, focus on purchasing fewer high-quality items instead of a lot of little things.

    Twitter ID: rnjh00

  67. Brandy says

    money saving tip: I make any online purchase through so that in the end I end up getting an extra gift card somewhere to give away as another present with all the points for purchases I received. I am new to ebates but learning to use that tooo… which gives you money back on your purchases instead of points.

  68. Jessica says

    I buy everything with cash- that way I spend only what I intend to and don't have to worry about credit card intrest.

    I am a subscriber as pestkaj at and am pestkaj on twitter

  69. Lindsay says

    I've been buying my gifts off of a popular home made and crafting website. The items are usually cheaper, and you have a huge selection to choose from. Also most of the sellers wrap your gift for free, so it cuts another cost right there

  70. Malaika says

    Here´s my twitter name: laikilu

    My e-mail:

    And my money saving tip is the following: To save money, in our family we pretty much limit the gift giving to the children. Amongst the adults we draw names and put a gift under the tree for the name picked. It´s a huge relief for all involved and spares the wasted money and embarrassment of someone unwrapping a half dozen sweaters or six sets of bath salts.

    As a family we try to do many Christmassy things together throughout the weeks leading up to Christmas. Simple things like taking an evening drive to appreciate the lighted houses or cookies, cuddles and Christmas story time in front of the blinking tree. If you´re feeling adventurous you could even have a family slumber party around the Christmas tree. (Parents can slip out and come back in the morning and the kids don´t even notice, trust me.)

    We also try to do some things with our children to emphasize that it´s a season for giving and sharing and let them experience the joy that comes from caring for others, such as, letting the kids choose some toys they may have out grown and donating them to Goodwill. Our kids enjoy singing so we´ve taught them two or three carols with simple motions and taken them to sing for old folks in our neighborhood, giving hugs, smiles and cookies. That way it´s more about celebrating the Christmas season and not just one big long build up to Christmas day and lots and lots of presents.

  71. says

    I'm following you on Twitter, tojosan.
    I've subscribed to your newsletter,
    My money saving tip for the holidays:
    Instead of planning to buy something to eat while you're out shopping, packs snacks and waters. The waters will save you on the sodas. That alone would save our family quite a bit of money on holiday shopping trips.

  72. says

    We set a limit on gifts thatt aren't for immediate family members and we stick to it. It's fun shopping for that great gift while staying in budget. often times it's a challenge, but that's part of the fun.

    Twitter: mommycracked

  73. says

    Money saving tip would be to continue the time tradition of making cookies from scratch and giving them as gifts. Butter cookies are an inexpensive holiday cookie with powdered sugar icing. There are some great recipes on the Reader's Digest website. People appreciate it since so few people bake anymore.

    Debra Oliver

  74. says

    To save $ this Christmas, give the gift that only you can give – yourself. Do something special for everyone on your Christmas list, one at a time, just you and that person. Give of yourself, your cooking, your friendship, your laughter, your sharing. Make memories…more priceless than any commercial gift.
    Twitter name is inspire_ite.

  75. says

    I don't know if anyone hit this one but the best money saver we can do is to buy locally made products.

    In this flexing economy buying local and buying proud is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and it saves beyond $$ it saves jobs, communities and resources.

    Love yourself, love your neighbors buy local! No matter what city, state or country.

  76. Jeaneane says

    1. Give your time instead of things this year!! Whatever you do well, offer that as a service to others…you have seen the “coupon books” that children do…adults can do them as well!! Offer babysitting service, housecleaning, haircuts, fresh baked loaf of bread…you get the picture!! No money, just time as well as building/strengthening friendships and sharing your talents!!! 2. jtmkcm 3. jtmkcm at yahoo dot com Fun contest!! Have a wonderful day!!

  77. says

    sorry forgot to add email; thought it would do that automatically.
    (Having to put your email on a webpage where everyone can see it, spamers and hackers, is a turnoff. You might want to rethink this for future contests. Your response rate will be higher if you omit this from the contest rules)

  78. says

    My money saving tip is to make as many gifts as you can at home. With high quaility photo printers, you can make books, pictures, and even T-shirts at home to share with your loved ones.

  79. says

    Responding to myself…so tacky :)

    Twitter Name that followed you: jennydecki (that's me!)
    Email address that subscribed to your newsletter: (that's me too!)

    My apologies for not being clear in the original post. I'm a bad contest enter-er. Thank you for your patience with me!

  80. says

    Seriously I cannot get this right, can I? The first comment had one thing..the second comment had two things. This comment I'm copying and pasting just in case.

    Money saving tip: Homemade gifts. I can actually do a craft project that involves bits from the dollar store, say its from my kids, and viola…a really cheap gift with a super-high love factor.

    Twitter Name that followed you: jennydecki (that's me!)
    Email address that subscribed to your newsletter: (that's me too!)

  81. Shannon says

    Tip: Cut Cable, join Netflix instead.

    Twitter user name, Euphrasie
    Subscribed: shannoncornaby at yahoo

  82. says

    Here we go! I'll share a money saving tip that I thought was thrifty and nifty! It is from a friend who shared with me how she and her family celebrate Christmas together. She only buys three gifts for her kids because there were only three gifts for Jesus on the night he was born.

    Twitter ID: andreacook
    Newsletter email:

  83. says

    1) I'm telling you, my very best money saving tip is to sign up for newsletters for money saving blogs(like Frugalous;). Each day as I get my emails I check out the deals and coupons and reviews and shop from them. That is seriously the way I have done ALL of my shopping this year. Thanks to all of you that do so much work!! 2) My twitter handle is @Momnerd 3) My email for the newsletter is sharlacarbine at

    P.S. I'm glad I actually READ your post. ;)

  84. says

    When shopping for Christmas or any other time, set a strict budget and go shopping with a list. Do not deviate from the list or the budget. Use coupons when you shop. It is best if you take in only the cash allowed in your budget. If you have cash only you cannot just decide to get out the card or the checkbook if you “want” something else. It is too easy to swipe the card or write a check if you go over. My twitter name is stampinem. Email for the newsletter is emily_albrecht at hotmail dot com

  85. Michelle P. says

    I found out about a cool website this year where you can send out free personalized photo postcards, postage paid and everything! The website is You can only send out a certain amount per day, but with planning, you can send out all your Christmas cards for free and even have your family picture on the front! That’s what we did this year to help save money, because even the postage is free (they put a small advertisement on the back & they’re the ones that pay for it). Enjoy!
    Twitter user name: mepace
    Newsletter e-mail:

  86. Gail says

    My best holiday money-saving tip is to skip the drive-thru when shopping around. When I know that I'll be out for a few hours, I take along a cooler filled with water, sodas, snacks or sandwiches. This helps me save a $1-$5, which could buy a nice holiday gift for someone!

  87. says

    I like to shop/pick up gifts all year round when I find great deals/sales. When Christmas comes, I often have many gifts already figured out and it is great not to have to spend a bunch of money at one time. I also have more time to shop around for the best deals
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  88. Brenda D. says

    One money saving tip that really helped me this year was to start buying presents for people in July and just buy a few presents each month. By spacing it out and looking for things on sale it wasn't a blast to our checking account in December. Also we choose names for our big family gatherings!! I could sure use this card to start saving in January!

  89. Angie Hopkins says

    My money saving tip: If exchaning gifts with extended family start a new tradition of giving each other stockings filled with lots of goodies and set a small limit for the amount spent. We use $12 limits. We draw the name of our recipient right after Christmas dinner for the next year and then we have all year to collect goodies at clearance sales, yard sales, dollar stores, etc. We also love that the gifts have to be small enough to go into the stocking (no more cluttery items taking up space), and are usually things that are consumable like lotions, candy, etc. It makes giving and receiving fun and you never know what to expect.

    I'm following you under the name Thriftyflmama and I signed up for your newsletter as

    thanks for a sweet contest!

  90. Donna Holmberg says

    I added myself to the newsletter, I'm twittering as “one6ylady” and my best money-saving tip for the holiday season is this:

    My friends and I are always wanting new decorations for our yards and houses at Christmas time… but we're all on very tight budgets. So I came up with a great solution. Each year, just after Thanksgiving, we load our cars with Christmas decorations (or photos of items that are simply to big to carry in that small car, and we do a “Decoration Swap”. For each item you brought in person or brought a photo of, you are given “credits” to use to “barter” for other items that others brought to the swap floor. This way, everyone gets new items to add to their selection, but nobody has to pay for anything. Once you swap it, the new person owns it, and has the option to put it up for swap next year, or keep it forever if they can't part with it. This way, our house and yard decorations appear new and different to our families and neighbors every year without draining our pockets. The bargaining gets fierce, but it's a lot of fun!

  91. Michelle Morris says

    A great money saving holiday tip that we use is using stamp pads with the letter of each of our children on them a G for Garrett and a S for Skyler, the stamp is scroll font, and instead of using labels we stamp a letter on the package. Our kids know that Santa doesn't have time to write out every boy and girls name, it adds a nice touch to their Christmas thoughts, and saves a frenzied mom on Christmas time a little extra time, and money!

  92. Misty says

    My best money saving tip is…drum roll…….start shopping on the day after Christmas- get a head start on the next year. I love to buy holiday candles, special ornaments, platters, and fragrance gift sets ( I could go on and on) and store them for the next year. I find amazing bargains the week after Christmas and then periodically through the year. I save 50-90% off the regular price and I avoid the last minute scramble to find a gift-last minute purchases are stressful for me and end up costing a lot more. I save money and gain peace of mind knowing that I am prepared.

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